The universe is changing and colliding where the Metaverse merges with fashion. Think of holograms of unique fashion designs seen on the catwalk during Fashion Week. It will bring the visualizations to life and get different perspectives.

What is the Metaverse?

It is a realm where it is computer-generated software to create multi-dimensional realities such as augmented, virtual, and mixed. Therefore, it has impacted how we see and do things and ultimately changed the fashion world too.

Does Metaverse affect sustainable fashion?

There are various reasons, but the most important one is that the appearance of digital clothing produces 97% less CO2 than physical clothing. Therefore, it makes a profound difference in fashion sustainability. The environmental carbon footprint leaves an everlasting impression on fashion consumers and the planet. What do you think is where the future is now for fashion?

Fashion is forever changing over the years and in-between trends, this is our new present. The digital atmosphere has come into play and has begun changing the playing field for many industries. It is crazy to think about what fashion could look like in ten or even five years.

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