Sustainability is no longer a rare concept, in fact if sustainability is not a core foundation of your business model, then you’re missing a substantial market opportunity. That is why Present Iteration has partnered with Sustainafy. Sustainafy is an online consultancy dedicated to simplifying sustainable operations with a proven history of helping companies and brands transition into more eco-conscious and eco-intelligent curators. Brands aspiring to meet Present Iteration’s rigorous verification process can now utilize Sustainafy in order to realize their eco-objectives. Sustainafy can assist your brand to jump start its sustainability journey as they provide professional sustainability services in order to leverage your brand to become part of the Present Iteration marketplace. Sustainafy provides a robust workflow to ensure any program, project, or initiative is achieved on schedule and within budget no matter how big or small.

There are several laws/ regulations that brands and companies can put into practice, but below are a few that the fashion community tend to focus on (heavily).

Fair Labor: ensure workers’ rights by aligning your brand’s business practices with FairTrade International or Fair Trade USA standards or pursue industry recognized certifications such as Global Organic Textile Standard and Ethical Trading Initiative.

Supply Chain Management: integrate sustainability practices into the various stages of your brand’s product lifecycle, from design and development, to material selection, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, distribution, return and disposal. Reduce your brand’s total carbon footprint while optimizing operations.

Proper Sustainable Marketing: promote your brand’s commitment through responsible marketing practices. Plan, develop, and execute sustainable marketing campaigns carefully alongside a professional to accurately showcase your brand’s story.

Other: grow your brand’s sustainable smart business practices. Sustainafy can offer a variety of professional services catered to exactly what you need as a business/ brand.

Connect with the Sustainafy team today to start your journey. After working with our professional consultants, your brand will immediately be recognized for its commitment to quality, integrity, and transparency. Your brand’s commitment to sustainable branding can immediately lead you to be featured on Present Iteration. Sustainafy provides professional services no matter the size of the program, project, or initiative. Start by working alongside the Sustainafy team to establish timelines, budgets, and goals to onboard your expert for any of the following contractual scopes. (see below).

Blue Line: Hourly rates for sustainability consultants starting at $100 per hour. We recommend using this scope for small initiatives that require specific expertise for a few hours/day to a couple of hours/week.

Black Line: Value-based offering to assist your brand’s internal team, vendors, or suppliers to achieve sustainability goals. We recommend this scope to establish your brand’s sustainability program across any supply chains that may need adjusting.

Bespoke: Hourly rates for sustainability consultants at a bespoke rate. We recommend using this unique scope for a full package service for your brand’s ambitious and much needed sustainability goals. Here are a few examples of Sustainafy’s ability to support your brand beyond the popular professional services: long-term decarbonization of all your supply chains, incorporating sustainability within all your business operations, or reflecting your brand’s sustainability commitments within a brick and mortar space through green leasing.

As with many facets in life, nothing is set in stone. We can adjust/ make changes to any of your business needs and would be happy to do so and we are sure that Mother Earth would also appreciate it.