Fast Fashion vs. Forever Fashion

Dear Confused Consumer,

You’ll find a copious number of facts to prove how the fast fashion industry is corrupt and unethical—from its indescribable sweatshops to its extreme contribution to global pollution—but how does it affect you?

We get it. Your willingness to buy into fast fashion; it’s often cheaper, more accessible, and up to date with trends. We’ve all been there, tapping that confirm payment button with a sour taste in our mouths, knowing we contribute to the problem but thinking, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes.

But are you really winning here? Unfortunately, the clothes you’re buying from these brands are not as beneficial to you as you may think.

Consider this: Have you ever opened a plastic package from TopShop, Fashion Nova, even Urban Outfitters, and find yourself extremely disappointed when you try it on? It never quite looks like it does in the photos online, and when it does work at the moment, it never lasts more than a few wears. (And if we are really being honest with each other, neither does the style.) Fast fashion brands rarely are transparent with their customers on where their materials come from, nor how it’s made. They make their profits by selling the most unsustainable and low-cost material possible, pumping them out from production facilities, and shipping it across the world and onto our front doorsteps in 1-3 business days.

Maybe you’ve chosen fast fashion because it felt like the most beneficial option (whether that has to do with price, timing, or availability), but you’re not only doing the world a disservice, you’re also doing yourself a disservice. These clothes you’re buying are meant to be thrown away. They are low cost, low quality, and designed to last one season. Like groceries, clothes from fast fashion corporations have an expiration date. And if you treat clothes like perishables, you’re spending much more money just to freshen up your closet than you would be if you invested in something with a long shelf-life.

Transitioning from old habits is hard, so don’t beat yourself up, Confused Consumer. At Present Iteration, we’ve done all the work for you. If you’re not sure where to shop next, or more importantly, which brand to trust, turn to us. We practice a rigorous verification process to ensure that all of Present Iteration’s offerings are of the highest quality, both stylistically and ethically. Help yourself!

With Love,

Present Iteration