Designer - Netta Ziv

Dear Present Prospects,

One of the most beautiful things about sustainable fashion is knowing where it came from. Welcome to your new present—a place that reimagines luxury. We believe quality attributes to a product’s creation story, knowing the details in the design process, the materials used, and, more importantly, the very hands that bring it life. At Present Iteration, we find quality in showing every step. 

Meet the face behind our swim line. A brilliant creative, a revolutionary environmentalist, and a strong advocate for women’s empowerment—this is a name you need to know. Meet Netta Ziv, the founder and head designer of Naya Swimwear. 

What is the process of designing your pieces by hand? 

I start designing when I have inspiration, usually from nature and its colors. As you can tell, I'm a huge flower girl! The textures and colors of flowers are a big part of Naya. I am also drawn to animal prints and most textures that you can only see in nature. I admit I also sometimes "make up" colors I feel would be very interesting and flattering. During my studies as a textile designer, I fell in love with color combinations and contrasts. Combining that with fashion is my favorite thing (especially in swimwear, where I can go a little crazy).

So, after finding inspiration, I start drawing, usually with watercolor, pencils, and markers. After I'm happy with my new painting, I scan the image and turn it into a digital print (I do the whole process from drawing to the complete print), then I make some color options and play with scales to see what would look best on a swimsuit and the woman's body. To design and complete an entire collection takes about a year.

What is the magic behind ecological yarn? 

I started using ecological fabric three years ago after sourcing the factory that uses this new technology. There are two types of ecological fabric for swimwear: recycled polyester and recycled nylon. The recycled nylon is made from plastic waste such as fishnets and plastic bottles, and the polyester is made from yarn scraps and fabric waste. Instead of throwing the scraps and producing more waste, it's re-used. At Naya, we use recycled nylon; it’s high quality, soft, durable, and the colors come out so vibrant!

Since the first launch of Naya Swimwear, have your sustainable goals changed? 

When I just started Naya, I used to get my inventory in plastic bags—each piece in a separate bag! It felt really weird, and I used to send back these bags to the factory to avoid wasting them. I think that's when I first realized—this is just me; imagine how many plastic bags are they using for all of their companies? From 2016, it took around two more years to source ecological poly-mailers, hygienic liners, craft paper for tags, and then the fabric. There is always room to improve, but I think I'm getting there!

What does it mean to be a Naya Girl? 

Being a Naya Girl is more than wearing a bikini. My vision is to give Naya Girls the confidence to feel beautiful in a swimsuit. It's revealing your inner beauty to the outside, with color and confidence. It's our dream to see women from around the world, in all shapes and colors, wearing bold, hand-drawn art pieces—feeling their very best—the most beautiful woman on the beach.

But Naya means more than that. Naya Girls are strong women who know how important it is to cherish mother nature and to respect the sea. This is the inspiration to manufacture all Naya Swimwear with sustainable materials and eco digital printing. Because a Naya Girl is committed to protecting our environment and its creatures.

If you could offer advice to a new and hesitant reader about sustainable fashion, what would it be?

When you buy high-quality and sustainable items, they will last you longer. Wouldn’t you want your favorite piece of clothing (like your favorite bikini) to last you longer than one summer?

To shop at Present Iteration is to support the people behind the brand. Let’s add value in knowing the creation story and change the way the world views fashion. 

Yours truly,

Present Iteration

*Adapted from an interview with Netta Ziv*