Fabric: The "Feel" of Clothing

Have you ever wondered what the material of fabric from your clothing is sourced? We have all shopped online without knowing how the dress, shirt, or pants are made. If you are on the journey to starting fresh as a sustainable shopper, here is a helpful guide to ensure you are helping out the environment down to the clothes you wear daily. 

Recycled Fibers: made with waste material

    • recycled polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, and textile

Plant-Based Fibers: low environmental impact

    • organic cotton
    • linen
    • hemp
    • ramie
    • natural rubber

Animal-Based Fibers: produced in a sustainable way

    • alpaca
    • silk
    • responsible wool, cashmere, leather, and down

Semi-Synthetic: low environmental impact

    • lyocell/tencel
    • orange fiber
    • pineapple fiber
    • sustainable viscose
    • cupro

At Present Iteration, we strive for sustainability - an ethical rule and a lifestyle. The "fabrics" of our lives should be as green as possible to help our planet Earth. We only have one; therefore, let's take care of it. Reach out on our social media channels if you have participated in changing your wardrobe for the better. Let's change the world together today!