Polychrome Geometric Earrings E130 pink/off-white


Best worn with a smile while pondering the possibilities. Strong geometry in evocative tones feeds the non-conformist’s spirit. With a cubism art vibe, these earrings are PLAYFUL yet SOPHISTICATED. We distill inspiration from architecture & nature, & are deeply moved by the synergy of contrasts. These earrings bring together strong lines balanced by a luxe feel. Their modern refinement lies in the quiet character of the delicate leather grain & thoughtful angular design. Meaningful jewelry is an extension of your personality. What would you like to express today?

MATERIALS Hand-cut genuine leather, hypoallergenic stainless steel posts & rings

DIMENSIONS Height approx 50-60 mm. Width approx 25-35 mm. 

COLOUR OPTIONS brown/green/off-white, pink/off-white

PACKAGING Includes a stylish, soft storage bag made from tyvek ® remnants, a recyclable polyethylene textile. Embossed leather tag with WAIWAI logo.

Eco Commitment Locally-sourced materials for product, packaging & shipping are part of our goal to reduce environmental impact. Because we care.

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