Lee: The Skin Barrier Osmolyte Concentrate


This is Lee, a lightweight water serum concentrate. Formulated with barrier boosting osmolytes, hydrating ferment actives and prebiotics. Lee optimizes skin hydration levels, promotes skin barrier repair and supports the healthy functioning of the microbiome through protection against environmental pollutants and stressors.

The Actives: 

○ Ectoin: A natural stress-protection molecule produced through fermentation. Works as a powerful barrier enhancer, microbiome protectant and clinically proven organic osmolyte known as an "extremolyte“. Supports the skin’s defence system against external stressors including pollution, blue light and UV induced damage. Attracts and binds water to skin cells, forming a protective hydration barrier, minimising inflammation, irritation and dehydration.

○ Betaine: A renewable osmolyte up-cycled from sugar beet molasses with powerful protection and humectant properties. Enhances the skin's ability to effectively attract and retain moisture. Through a mechanism of slow release hydration, the water balance is controlled, resulting in increased hydration with long-term effect. Strengthens the skin barrier and bolsters resistance to stressors.

○ Lactobacillus/ Arundinaria Gigantea Ferment Filtrate: A nutrient rich bio fermented water from sustainable self-regenerating bamboo stalks. Optimises hydration and mineral levels within the skin and increases the bioavailability of actives.

○ Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract: A highly functional polysaccharide derived from chia seed fermentation, which forms a protective barrier on the skin. Possesses extraordinary anti-inflammatory, anti-pollution as well as reparative properties.

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