Summertime Fun!


Summer season is full of swimming, tanning, and having fun at the beach!

While spending a day at the beach, you may find piles of trash on the sand or in the water. This affects ocean wildlife and is harmful to their ecosystems. An estimated 8 million tons of plastic flows into our oceans annually, which is devastating. The plastic releases unhealthy toxins throughout the ocean and serves an unreliable purpose. Let's change it for the better. For us. For the planet.

What are the causes of marine pollution?

  • Not using the materials that we can recycle into clothing, blankets, and more
  • Littering on the ground makes it appear dirty and unappealing
  • Toxins and chemicals that can seep into drains or water

As mentioned above, these causes are not beneficial for humans, animals, and any living thing on Earth. There could be issues in health and contamination in the long run, which affects everybody. How can we become the solution now? 


Ocean life begins with swimming in the water along with the wildlife. What you wear can make an impact; how? The perfect sustainable, luxurious, and colorful is the Moana swimsuit! It is made from recycled lycra (similar to spandex), which helps the ocean and its ecosystem. Tag us on Instagram @present.iteration to be featured wearing the swimsuit. 

We hope you are having a fantastic summer out in the sunshine🌞

Let's change the world together, one piece at a time.

With love 💚

Present Iteration