SQUAREFLEX boardshort

Our most technical boardshort of the range is now built in coconut fibers! Coconut is widely used in the food and cosmetic industries, and once the inner portion has been used, the shell is just thrown away. We turned these coconut fibers into activated carbon, which happens to be a fantastic boardshort material. (See the technologies below) We use a PFOA/PFOS-free durable water repellent, as these chemicals are very persistent and harmful to the environment once released in the ocean. - MID LEG 20" - | Flexible - Its 4-ways-stretch is worth just as much as any modern technical material out there. Waterproof & Dries fast - Activated carbon doesn't hold water; thus, the Squareflex dries fast and stays light and comfortable. Strong and durable - The coconut fibers blended with recycled Polyester create a very strong material that will follow you for many trips under the sun. | ultra-performing hydrophobic treatment, fast-drying fabric, 4-ways stretch brings style without scarifying stretch, rip-stop construction of the Square-flex and the thick polyester yarn

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